Surf School



By the time you decide to learn how to surf, there are many factors to take into consideration which will make the difference in your success. Make sure the school has sports insurance, that is registered in the Surf Federation and that works along accredited professionals.


In Aloha Surf & Sup School, a surfing class lasts 3h30min total, including the warm up, indications of how to perform the proper movements, clarification of safety rules and an hour straight inside the water.


Once we rely on nature’s will and after we consider three key safety factors – size of the swell, tide conditions and wind direction, the surf instructors will establish the suitable day for you to surf, according to your skills. Therefore, there are no pre-established days or timetables.


What include:

Surfsuit; Surfboard; Transportation; Insurance; Classe on credit for one year; and Accredited professionals.


What you need:

Bring your swimwear; Beach towel; Sunscreen; and Good Vibes!

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